Is It Time For A Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrade?

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As a business owner, you will want to do whatever you can to ensure that the electrical system of your commercial property is working like a charm. You also want to remember that there will come a time when you will need a commercial electrical panel upgrade or replacement. To help you discover when this might be needed, you will want to review the following:

The Lights Flicker Or Dim When You Use Extra Power

You might find that everything runs well all day, but as soon as you turn on the outside lights and turn on the security alarms when you are closing up for the night, you may notice that the lights begin to act oddly. They might flicker or go really dim and may or may not go to full brightness until the extra lights are turned off.

The Outside Of The Panel Is Too Hot To Touch

You really do not want to play around with an electrical box. However, you want to occasionally touch your hand against the closed metal door of the panel. If it is hot or if you have any suspicion that it is overheating, you will want to immediately call for professional assistance. You might receive advice starting that you need to turn on the electricity at the main breaker until the upgrade is made. This will prevent the commercial electrical box from overheating too much or even catching fire.

The Breaker Keep Tripping

This can be irritating and it can really impact how you conduct business without the day. If you are finding that the breakers keep tripping throughout the day, you will need the issue addressed by a professional and you need it done soon. It is likely that your business is simply drawing more electrical power than your current electrical panel can handle. Therefore, an upgrade is required, which will give you many more breakers. Splitting the wiring even further among many breakers will help lessen the large load that any one single breaker will have to take.

Always make sure that you are calling around to get some different price quotes, and do not be afraid to ask for references or information on where they received their electrical training. This is what will help make sure that you are going to find a skilled electrician you can trust and will do optimal work for your company.

For more information on commercial electrical panel replacement, contact a professional near you.