3 Common Electrical Repair Needs After a Heavy Storm

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You may require electrical repair services following a heavy storm.  The bigger the storm, the more the toll it may have on your electricals, and by extension, the bigger the scope of any repair work. Here is a brief outline of some most common problems that may require electrical repair in the aftermath of a storm.

1. Loss of Power from Downed Lines

High winds and heavy rains can bring down power lines, leaving you with no power. Who will be responsible for this kind of electrical repair depends on where the damage lies. The utility company will be responsible, but only up to a certain point, for the wire from the street. 

On the other hand, you are responsible for the mast, the connector on your home, and the cable running from the mast to your home's meter. Your electrician can assess the damage and advise you on whether you need to take care of it yourself or call the utility company.

2. Electrical Shorts from Water Leaks

Rainwater may leak into your home following a heavy storm. You may end up with electrical shorts should the water come into contact with your wiring. A short circuit anywhere on your electrical system is always an electrical repair emergency. It presents a very significant risk to your safety, not to mention the potential property damage. Apart from a possible power loss in one or more rooms in your home, an electrical short is a dangerous fire hazard. For this reason, waste no time in calling in a qualified electrician to assess the damage and carry out the repairs.

3. Damage from Lightning Strikes and Power Surges

Lightning strikes can cause severe damage to your plugged-in electronics or appliances. The same goes for any power surges in your electrical system. It is, therefore, crucial that you protect your home with a lightning arrestor and install surge protection devices. Again, the explosive surge from lightning can seriously damage your entire electrical wiring system. If this happens, you will require electrical repair services to get your system back up and running.

Expert Repair and Electrical Preparation

After a storm, prompt and expert electrical repair is essential to ensuring your system is back up and that you are safe. More than anything, you want to be sure you are well prepared for the next time a storm hits. A highly qualified and experienced electrician can cater to all your electrical needs. For more information, contact a local electric company, such as Etheridge Electric Company Inc, to learn more.