Electrical Safety In Commercial Spaces: Recognizing Signs Of Potential Hazards

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Electricity is essential in running commercial activities such as lighting, security, heating, and powering equipment. Thus, commercial buildings have multiple electrical systems to enable smooth operations. However, the systems are also prone to malfunctioning, creating the need for professional repairs. Failure to attend to electrical issues on time results in safety concerns and disruption of your operations. Below is an overview of common electrical issues in commercial buildings, their causes, and their dangers.  

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights in your commercial building indicate an electrical malfunction. It's impossible to ignore as it makes concentrating or seeing properly challenging. Several factors cause flickering lights, including faulty wiring, loose connection, a spoilt bulb, or fluorescent light. If the flickering results from a spoilt bulb, you can quickly fix it by replacing it. However, persistent flickering lights on several bulbs means there is an underlying electrical issue that you need to address. 

Unusual Surge in Energy Bills

Commercial buildings incur high energy bills because of the many activities that take place in them. Despite that, you can always approximate your premises' average monthly power usage based on previous payments. If you start getting higher bills than usual without significant changes in power consumption, such as new equipment installation, it's a sign of electrical problems. Common causes of high energy bills include outdated electrical systems, insufficient lighting, and repair mistakes. Call a professional electrician to fix the issues and avoid high energy costs. 

The smell of Burning Plastic from Electrical Systems

The smell of burning plastic from electrical systems, such as sockets, is a serious concern that requires immediate attention. When you smell burning plastic, the first thing to do is switch off the primary power supply from the power source immediately. That's because the smell indicates overheating electrical wires or other components, which pose an immediate fire risk. Failure to address the issue promptly may result in an electrical fire outbreak damaging property and causing severe injuries. You shouldn't switch the power back until the electrician arrives and fix the issue.

Frequent Power Outages 

Another clear sign of electrical malfunctioning in your business premises is frequent power outages. That can be due to several issues, including overloaded circuits, faulty wiring, green problems, and weather damage. Outages result in increased downtime and loss of revenue. It also causes damage to equipment resulting in losses. Licensed electricians help quickly identify and fix the problem to ensure your operations return to normal. 


Many other electrical problems are common in commercial buildings. Always call a professional electrician to fix these issues to ensure safe and streamlined business activities.

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