3 Signs It Is Time To Call An Electrician

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Do you know whether your home is in need of electrical upgrades or repairs? If not, you certainly are not alone. With residential electrical systems being tucked safely out of sight, many homeowners simply do not know how to determine when these systems require upgrades or repairs. Thankfully, there are a few easy-to-spot warning signs that can help you to know when it is time to call an electrician. You can learn more about three of these warning signs below.

Warning Sign #1: You Must Use Extension Cords In Your Home

Do you find that the only way to plug in all of the electrical items you use on a regular basis is to make use of extension cords? If so, you could be putting your home at an increased risk of electrical fire by choosing to use these temporary outlets on a more permanent basis. If your home does not have enough outlets to meet your needs, you will need to contact an electrician to have more outlets installed. Having new or additional outlets installed is also a good idea if your current outlets are not grounded. If your outlets are missing the third prong hole, they are not grounded outlets and should be upgraded. 

Warning Sign #2: Your Circuit Breakers Trip When Trying To Use Multiple Items At Once

All residential electrical systems make use of circuit breakers in order to prevent too much electricity from flowing through a particular circuit at one time. If you attempt to draw too much energy from a single circuit at once, the breaker will trip and you will need to reset it before power is restored. This happens in virtually all homes from time to time and is not typically a cause for concern. However, if you are resetting your breaker switch each time you attempt to use multiple items at once, this could be a sign that your system is outdated and needs to be upgraded.

Warning Sign #3: There Are Scorch Marks On Outlets Or Burning Smell Without Obvious Source

One of the biggest problems with electrical systems being hidden away behind your walls is that you cannot easily see damage that could result in an electrical fire. However, if the wires in your wall have been damaged, you will often see evidence of this damage in your outlets or smell it in the air. If you notice burnt marks on your outlets or a black residue on your electrical plugs, this could indicate a very serious problem. You may also notice a burning smell in the air even though it appears as though nothing in your home is on fire. If you notice either of these issues, it is important that you contact an electrician right away in order to avoid a potential fire in your home.

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