3 Questions That Can Help You Decide If Your Home Needs An Electrical System Upgrade

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Residential electrical systems are designed to remain out of sight. Consequently, many homeowners are completely unaware of when their electrical system is in need of service or an upgrade. Thankfully, determining when it is time to upgrade your electrical system can be easier than you think. In fact, taking the time to ask yourself just three simple questions will often be enough for you to make this determination.

Question #1: Do You Use Extension Cords In Your Home Frequently?  

Extension cords offer a great solution for people who need an extra outlet when entertaining a large group of people or when trying to temporarily supply electricity to an area of their home that does not have outlets However, it is important to always remember that extension cords are only meant to be used on a temporary basis. If you are using extension cords on a permanent, or even frequent basis, this indicates that your current electrical system is not able to meet your needs. Having this system upgraded is the most effective and safe way to address this problem. 

Question #2: Do You Have To Reset Your Circuit Breaker Regularly?

The purpose of a circuit breaker is to cut power to a particular electrical circuit if it attempts to pull more power than it can safely handle. That is why you will often find that your circuit breaker has tripped if you attempt to plug in a high voltage item on the same circuit as another high voltage item. While it is quite common for circuit breakers to trip from time to time, you should not need to reset your breaker on a regular basis. If you are making the trip to your fuse box on a regular basis, you can be sure that it is time to upgrade your electrical system. 

Question #3: Do Your Lights Flicker Or Dim When You Turn On Appliances? 

If your electrical system is struggling to provide the amount of power you require, you will often notice that your lights begin to flicker or dim when you turn on high voltage appliances such as an air conditioner or a microwave. If your power supply does not remain constant even when turning on your appliances, this is a sign that your residential electrical system is in need of an upgrade. If you fail to upgrade your system, you could ultimately end up experiencing a power surge that could cause damage to your appliances or even cause an electrical fire. 

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