3 Signs It Is Time For You To Call An Electrical Contractor

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It can be hard for many homeowners to determine when it is time to call an electrical contractor simply because their electrical system is tucked away out of sight. As a result, they are not able to see the visible signs of damage to their electrical system. Thankfully, there are ways for you to determine if your electrical system is in need of servicing even if you are not able to see the problems with your own eyes. Continue reading to learn more about some of the warning signs that can help alert you to potential issues with your home's electrical system.

Sign #1: You Require The Constant Use Of Extension Cords

Extension cords can be a very convenient way to supply electricity to parts of your home without permanent outlets or to temporarily increase the number of available outlets in a specific area of your home. However, these cords are not meant to be a permanent solution to your lack of outlets. If you find that you constantly require the use of extension cords, it is time to call an electrical contractor in order to address this issue. In many cases, your contractor will be able to install new outlets in the areas where you require them so that you can eliminate the frequent use of extension cords in your home. 

Sign #2: You Frequently Trip Your Circuit Breakers

A residential electrical system makes use of circuit breakers in order to prevent any specific circuit from being overloaded and causing damage to the system as a whole. Tripping a circuit breaker in your home on a rare occasion is no cause for alarm. Simply reset the breaker and continue with life as usual. However, if you are frequently tripping your circuit breakers, this is a sign that your electrical system may need to be upgraded in order to meet the demand for electricity in your home. Having an electrical contractor inspect your system will allow you to determine exactly what type of upgrades you may require. 

Sign #3: You Detect A Burning Odor Without An Apparent Source

Have you ever noticed an odor in your home that smelled like something was burning but you could not quite identify the source of the smell? If so, there is a good chance that this smell is the result of burning or melting electrical wires within your walls. When noticing this particular warning sign, it is important to make sure you contact an electrical contractor right away since a failure to address this issue can leave your home at an increased risk of an electrical fire. 

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