Reasons Your Lights May Be Flickering

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Electricity makes your home comfortable, as you can enjoy proper lighting throughout your house. However, flickering may be a common problem in your home. The wavering can be irritating and pose the risk of fires, resulting in property damage and financial losses. To stop flickering, you need lighting repair services to determine the cause of the issue. Here are the top reasons that your lights may be flickering.

Voltage Change

When lights flicker after turning on a high-voltage home appliance like a washing machine, that's an indication of voltage fluctuations. That's probably because of the usage of a large current that strains your home's main electrical system. So, call lighting system repair professionals to check the capacity of your electrical system and wire your appliances accordingly. If the lighting repair services discover that your appliances demand a higher current than the maximum power capacity in your home, the professionals can make power adjustments to prevent flickering.

Loose Bulbs

If you're experiencing frequent flickering, check whether your bulbs are secure in their sockets. When bulbs are loose, there's a disconnect, and they receive inconsistent power, thus interrupted lighting. So, tightening your bulbs is the fastest way to stop flickering in this case.

However, before bulb tightening, turn off the bulbs to allow for cooling. Ideally, a hot bulb may burn you, increasing the risk of dropping or damaging the bulb. Thus, if you think that the process is risky, lighting repair services can help you secure all the bulbs in your house quickly and safely.

Loose Wiring

When there's a disconnect in your wiring, this may cause flickering that can lead to electric fires. Thus, ensure that your wiring is in good condition to avoid electrical resistance creation. The resistance can result in wires overheating, forming sparks that can potentially start a fire if flammable materials are nearby. Experienced lighting repair services can inspect your wiring and fix the loose connections protecting your home against fires.

Bulb Type

The bulb types in your house can also contribute to light wavering. For instance, you may have bulbs such as:

Voltage changes, loose bulbs or wiring, and bulb types are common reasons why lights flicker. Consider calling lighting repair services to help fix your flickering problems, like Conway Electric.