3 Electrical Upgrades That Might Help Your Home Sell When It Goes On The Market

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If you plan to put your home up for sale, think about electrical upgrades that could make your home more attractive to buyers. When buyers tour a home, they think about how they could use the rooms. If your rooms don't have many outlets, that could be a dealbreaker and ruin the sale.

You may not want to put a lot of money into a complete electrical makeover, but a few upgrades might make a big difference to potential buyers. Here are some improvements you may want to make to your home's electrical system before your home goes on the market.

1. Install GFCI Outlets In The Wet Rooms

GFCI outlets are standard in newer homes, so buyers might be leery about buying an old home that doesn't have any. These outlets are important for safety since they reduce the risk of an electrical shock. Buyers with children may want the protection provided by GFCI outlets, but they may not want to pay for the upgrades right after they buy a house. This might influence the buyers to pass on your home.

An electrician can install GFCI outlets in the bathrooms, laundry room, garage, and kitchen. This makes your home's electrical system seem like it is modern and maintained.

2. Add More Dedicated Circuits And Outlets

Major appliances and some small kitchen appliances need their own electrical circuit so they don't pull too much power when starting up and blow a fuse. Plenty of outlets in the kitchen is important since home buyers probably have appliances, such as a microwave and high-speed blender, that need a dedicated circuit.

If your potential buyers live in an older home now where the number of outlets is a constant issue, a modern electrical system could be high on their list of priorities. An electrician can help you choose the best upgrades that make your home appealing to buyers while fitting in with your budget.

3. Install 240-Volt Outlets

Many modern appliances need 240-volt outlets to operate. If you have an older home with older appliances, you may not have the outlets buyers will need. These outlets are often necessary for a dryer, water heater, oven, and electric car charger. If a buyer is bringing their own appliances, they might have to install one or more 240-volt outlets if your home doesn't have any. You might want an electrician to install a 240-volt outlet in your garage so it can be used for a dryer, electric car charger, or water heater.

If you want to make these changes, contact a local electrician.