How To Maintain Your Central Air-Conditioning Unit

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When you buy a house, you're suddenly responsible for many things. While you can call your landlord to fix problems with your air-conditioning when you rent, when you own your home, you have to maintain and repair things yourself. While you might be handy with home repairs, some things, such as AC maintenance and repairs should be done by licensed professionals. Here's a look at how to maintain a central air-conditioning unit and when you need help from a professional.

What Goes Into AC Maintenance

A central air-conditioning unit has two main parts, and both need regular maintenance. One part is the condenser that houses the refrigerant and compressor. The other part is the indoor air handler that has a refrigerant coil and blower fan that spreads cool air through your house.

It's customary to have professional air-conditioning maintenance done annually. This is often required by the manufacturer to keep the warranty valid. By having the equipment checked and serviced by a professional, parts can be cleaned and replaced before they cause a system breakdown.

In addition, you need to change the filter on schedule as required by the HVAC manufacturer to prevent problems that restrict airflow. Keeping branches trimmed away from the condenser and furniture away from the AC vents can help with this.

Problems Maintenance Can Prevent

If your central air-conditioning equipment isn't cleaned and serviced regularly, a number of problems can develop, and some of the issues can be expensive to repair. Dirty coils keep the refrigerant from cooling your house, and they may cause your AC to ice over. A dirty fan makes the motor strain, and that can burn out the motor or cause the AC to overheat and shut itself down.

Restricted airflow in the condenser causes the parts inside to overheat. The condenser contains the compressor which is one of the more expensive parts of your central air-conditioning system. The compressor can be ruined through lack of maintenance, and that's an avoidable problem by just keeping up with the care of your equipment.

Timely Repairs Are Important Too

While maintenance can prevent AC problems, your air conditioner still might develop issues at times due to the age of the equipment or other reasons. If you hear strange noises or if the AC isn't keeping you cool, call an HVAC service right away. When your AC keeps running while a part is malfunctioning, a ripple effect occurs that causes damage to other parts. The longer you wait on repairs, the greater the risk of damaging other parts in your air conditioner.

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