4 Common Signs You Need Home Rewiring

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It's easy to forget about your home's electrical system. But when your electricity isn't working, your house will not feel like home anymore. Besides, electricity faults can lead to electrocutions, damaged appliances, and fires. So, to keep your home habitable and safe, you need to know when your electrical system is worn out or damaged. Here are four surefire signs your home may need rewiring. 

Dimming or Flickering Lights

Generally, fluorescent lights will always flicker, and that shouldn't be a cause for worry. But LED or incandescent lights shouldn't go dim or flicker as long as the bulbs are properly connected and in good condition. If they do, that's a clear sign of voltage fluctuations. The light brightens when there's too much voltage and goes dim when it receives too little voltage. It could also be an issue with loose wires or terminals in your system. Since both causes are fire hazards, seek home rewiring services as soon as you notice the problem. 

Outlet Problems

Have you noticed a discoloration on your outlets and switches? When there's a loose connection, these features can start to turn brown or black. And sometimes, the discoloration comes with a burning smell. If your home isn't rewired in time, this problem can cause electric arcing, resulting in an electric fire. 

Over time, outlets can also come loose from the walls, thus exposing the wiring. Understand exposed wires are hazardous, and this should be treated as an emergency. Call a licensed electrician for repairs or to replace your outlet and provide rewiring services. 

Tripping Circuit Breakers

The circuit breaker cuts off electricity when a circuit cannot support the number of amps. However, the circuit breaker can also break down, such that it's no longer capable of gauging the electricity flowing through. This causes it to trip frequently. Bad wiring is the major cause of most circuit breakers wearing out. Therefore, call a qualified electrician to replace the circuit breaker and do a complete rewiring. If your circuit breaker is tripping for other reasons like too hot appliances, the electrician will also advise you on the right course of action.   

Frequent Electric Shocks

There's nothing like a 'safe shock' or 'minor shock.' If you experience even a slight shock every time you're plugging in an appliance, that's a cause for alarm. Or maybe you can see electric sparks on the outlets. These are major warning signs that your house's wiring is faulty. 

Apart from burns, electric shocks can have severe long-term implications like memory loss and numbness. Severe shocks can also result in extensive muscle spasms, seizures, respiratory arrests, and even death. For these reasons, you should take electric shocks seriously by having your home rewired in time. 

For more information about rewiring your home's electricity, contact a residential electrician to learn more.